Student Blogs


Sarah Von Qualen – What CSC Has Meant to Me

Priscilla Ofei-Manu – Student Testimony Night


Queen Esekhalu: My First Semester Experience


Sentual Strong: Abuse- it comes in different forms

Promise Tewogbola: Believers & Self Image

Jonathan N. Mvami: This is how I spent my birthday

Omer Liaqat: American Culture Night

Beka Eden: Spring Break Mission Trip

Shyan Edwards: Mere Christianity

Jessica Muniz: Getting Involved with CSC

John Turner: Why Corporate Prayer?


Tess Tyler: First Impressions

Courtney Peterson: When in Juarez…

Xitong (Rebecca) Chen: CSC- Where All the Blessings Start From

Adam Fackler: Men’s Ministry- CSC Dudes

Kara Sahagian: Women’s Ministry- Seamless Bible Study

Tess Tyler: Winter Retreat

Shyan Edwards: Taking the Leap of Faith

Cassie Lipcaman: The Impact of a Bag of Gummy Worms

Nathan Yacks: First Impressions

Madisen Helwig: Our Passover Lamb

Allison VanFleet: Ready to Take on Reality