Women’s Ministry: Seamless Bible Study

Kara sahagian
March 13, 2017

The Seamless Bible study by Angie Smith is a great study to gain a deeper understanding about God’s word. Each week we go through five days of “homework” on our own. These homework assignments are short readings that consist of fill in the blanks and short answer questions which really make you think. We have a great group of ladies that sit down each Monday night and discuss what we thought about the homework assignments for the past week. This study is perfectly designed to accommodate those that know a lot about the Bible as well as those that do not know very much. I grew up going to church my whole life. I am familiar with many of the stories in the Bible…so I thought. Each week I have learned something new and have been blown away by how much I did not actually know.

I interviewed one of the ladies who is a part of this weekly study:

Q: What appealed to you about this Bible study?
A: “I really liked the idea that Seamless would attempt to fit the stories of the Bible together in a way that I could understand.”

Q: What were your thoughts about the first week of the study?
A: “I really liked how it told the story of Genesis in a timeline because Genesis had always been jumbled to me.”

Q: What was one thing you have learned so far that you did not know before?
A: “I did not know the origin of the word, “babble”, until the Seamless Bible study pointed out that the different languages started at the Tower of Babble.”