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Help support the CSC spring break mission trip team. They are selling homemade scented candles. Candles are priced between $2 – $10 depending on their size. Click here to view the inventory.

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This 4’x3′ painting is being auctioned off to raise funds for the Casas por Cirsto mission trip. You can place bids by e-mailing and at our annual Harvest Banquet Nov. 10th. Bidding will close at 8:00pm on November 10th. See a detailed description of this work below.

silas painting
My name is Silas Coggeshall. I am a Senior Fine Arts student here at WIU with a focus in Painting and Drawing. This painting was done in acrylic paint on canvas. I designed the composition in Photoshop, and then using that image as my source, I painted this.
The background was painted to mimic the bright colors and geometric forms of stained-glass windows. The three large circles/symbols represent the Trinity. The large crown of thorns and “P X” symbol represent Christ. The symbol on the center of the crown of thorns is called the “Chi-Rho” symbol. It is a combination of the first two Greek letters for Christ. This symbol was first used in the Labarum of Constantine I.
The circle on the right is an abstracted sun with a hand at the center. The gesture being made by the hand is used in traditional iconography to represent the divinity of Christ, which is therefore alluding to God and Christ being the son of God.
The circle in the bottom left corner is the Dove of Peace in the center, representing the Holy Spirit. For the image of a dove, I used a line drawing by Picasso as my source.
Lastly, while the composition is dominated by the circles or halos and the large cross, there are also two much smaller images of a cross on the right and left. The one on the right with a small halo around it is used as a symbol of the Penitent Thief (sometimes referred to as St. Dismas later on in non-canonical writings,) and on the left is a small, unadorned cross representing the impenitent thief, (sometimes referred to as Gestas in non-canonical writings.)
2018 Harvest Banquet Info

Join us each week:
Sunday Morning Worship at 11:00am
Wednesday Night Bible Study at 7:00pm
Both meetings are in the CSC Auditorium at 1545 Riverview Dr. in Macomb

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