The Impact of a Bag of Gummy Worms…

Cassie Lipcaman
April 25, 2017

When I think of St. Louis, MO, I think of one thing, my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. I have been to the awesome city more times than I can count, but this year, I spent my time there in a very different way. On this trip, me and a few others worked with Churches on the Streets, a ministry that focuses on helping those in struggling neighborhoods by providing food, bible lessons, clothing, and so much more. We visited two neighborhoods and took part in a bible lesson with kids, offering food, and just spending time with the residents in those places. It’s amazing how much a perfect stranger can have on you in such a short amount of time and it also helps you to realize just how blessed you are.

One encounter in particular that I had will stay in my mind forever. As we were just getting ready to leave the second neighborhood we helped in a little girl, I believe around six years old, came up and started talking to our group. I could tell that she had been to the lessons and around the volunteers often, because everyone knew her and loved her. She was out looking for her brother and walked over to find him. Before I knew it, she and I were sitting on the concrete, sharing gummy worms, and I was quickly learning more and more about her. Although our time was short, she did not want me to leave. It was right then that it really hit me that even a short amount of time spent with someone who truly needs it can make a big difference. I will never forget her adorable face and the impact she also had on me.

Another wonderful part of this trip is that our group was extremely diverse, and from different parts of the world. On this adventure, we represented the U.S., Russia, China, Nigeria, and Jamaica. One way that CSC has extremely blessed me is I have been exposed to people from all over the world and it has definitely opened my eyes to how amazing of a world God has created. I was able to get to know those students more and learn about their lives and their culture. Coming from a small town where there is little to no diversity, I am proud to say that I have been able to befriend amazing Christ followers from many different countries all over the globe.

Overall, this trip was amazing. I learned so much about how even volunteering to give someone your time can make a big difference in their lives and by doing so, you can be a light for God and show them the love that they may have never experienced before. I also learned that God’s ministry is everywhere, and everyone can play a role in furthering the Kingdom. You don’t have to be an incredible Bible scholar to be able to share your story and more importantly, the story of Jesus. Your ministry can even be something as small as sharing a bag of gummy worms with a six year old. We have been given the opportunity and blessing to serve those around us and an amazing God to share with others!