Men’s Ministry: CSC Dudes

Adam Fackler
February 17, 2017

Here at Campus Students for Christ we take time to come together as men of Christ to gain fellowship with one another and learn more about what it means to be a man in the Church of God. We often times do this through the use of sports, challenges, and other activities. We call these “CSC Dude Perfect” days. During our last event we tried ‘Improbable Shots’ where we tried to hit a small target with something even smaller, such as throwing a football 50 yards into a garbage bin. That day taught us that we try so hard to achieve a goal that we will most likely wouldn’t achieve, but with practice and commitment we can succeed.

This is similar to the goal that Jesus set for us to be leaders and with no practice or commitment to Him and to the church we are destined to fail. But with time, commitment to the church, and trust in the Lord we can be close to Him and lead by example in the church. It is difficult to be a Christian in college and also very difficult to be a Christian man in college. These fellowship nights help us guys come closer to one another as well as strengthen our own faith.