Meet the CSC Staff

The CSC Staff keeps general office hours during the WIU semester on Monday’s from noon – 4:00pm and Tuesday – Thursday from 10:00am – 4:00pm.


Avery LeJeune – Director

Avery joined the CSC staff in May of 2016. His responsibilities include overseeing the CSC staff, alumni and partner connections, service team, intercultural ministry team, missions team, praise and worship team, and preaching and teaching. Avery graduated from WIU in 2013 with a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies. One month after graduation Avery married his long-time fiancé, Sarah Ziegler.  Sarah is also an alumnus of WIU with a degree in the field of Agricultural Business. Both were student members of the ministry while at WIU.



Alicia Dickerson – Campus Minister

Alicia joined the CSC staff in the summer of 2018. Her responsibilities include overseeing women’s ministry, small groups, the event planning team, the hospitality team, and teaching. Originally from Arthur, IL, Alicia became connected to campus ministry when she transferred to Eastern Illinois University and joined Christian Campus House.


Jesse Patton – Campus Minister

Jesse joined the CSC staff in January of 2021. His responsibilities include overseeing the residential program, maintenance of the building and grounds, men’s ministries, promotion team, prayer team, and preaching and teaching. Jesse grew up in Mt. Sterling IL and graduated from Lincoln Christian University with a BA General Ministry before completing a Master’s degree at Bethel Seminary-St. Paul MN (MA in Christian Thought). After spending several years in ministry in Normal IL, Jesse joined our staff here at WIU. Jesse lives in Macomb with his wife, Brandi, and their three kids: Isaiah, Andrew, and Emily.


Shannon Bishop – Intern

Shannon is joining the CSC team for the 2022-2023 school year. Throughout the internship, staff will be working with Shannon to determine her specific roles based on her abilities, interests, and gifts. Her responsibilities may include leading small groups, mentoring students, leading trips/projects, and filling other general needs of the ministry. Shannon will also be living in the student apartments acting as a Resident’s Assistant (RA). Shannon grew up in Mount Sterling, IL. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2019 where she attended Christian Campus House.