American Culture Night

Omer Liaqat
January 23, 2018

photos from 2018 American Culture night

At the start of every semester during the New International Student Orientation, the Center for International Studies hosts American Culture Night. At the event this semester the new international students were introduced to local community members who wish to volunteer with existing international students. It was a meet and greet type of event where the new students learned about American Culture.

At the beginning of the night, everyone introduces themselves. Students and community members gave brief introductions – where they’re from, their education, goals, profession and anything else they wanted to share. Those that attended also participated in a fun game where everyone was challenged to ask others 15 questions from a list. The questions were about their culture, food, country etc. The first three participants who completed the challenge won prizes.

New international students signed up for the International Neighbor’s program in which each student is paired with a community family for the semester. This program helps the international students learn about American culture, food, and lifestyle in general. Likewise, the community members get the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures, food, and lifestyle.

This event encouraged new international students to meet others and make new friends. Everyone enjoyed dinner together. For many students, this was the first time they tried food different from their culture which is a unique experience.