First Impressions

Tess Tyler
September 2016

When I decided to attend Western Illinois University, there was no other place I would have rather stayed than the Campus Students for Christ house. As the daughter of two Alums, Roger Tyler (‘91) and Rachel (Thomas) Tyler (’90), I grew up hearing stories of CSC. My parents would frequently reminisce and describe to me how wonderful the people were there, how fun the experience was, and how their relationship with God (and with one another-they met there!) drastically grew during their stay in the house.

As a follower of Jesus myself, and with the desire to meet fellow Christians and be given opportunities to serve, I too decided to stay at CSC! Since moving in, I have been completely overwhelmed with blessings! In fact, deciding to live at the CSC house is one of the greatest     decisions I believe I have ever made. From the very moment I set foot in CSC I have experienced nothing but love, excitement, hilarity, and devotion to God. The leaders of CSC and the students involved have reached out to me in every way, invited me to get involved, and demonstrated an attitude of love and service to others and to God.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people, and, due to this, I have been involved in several activities CSC has organized. I recently attended the CSC canoeing trip to Iowa, in which I met some amazing new people, forged friendships, and enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day admiring the Lord’s creation! In addition to that, I recently joined the CSC praise band and have been playing keyboard, singing vocals, and spending time with a great group of people using their talents for God. I also have been attending Sunday service and Wednesday night devotion and small group, and have been so amazed at the energy of the leaders, and the desire of the students to learn. Of course, I have also been involved in the other crazy activities CSC organizes: Outdoor movie night, lemon shakeup night,   Taco Bellowship, and the CSC Luau! Though I have only known the leaders and the students at CSC for a little over a month, I feel as if I have known them for a lifetime. I am so blessed to have “found” CSC, and I look forward to the years ahead!