My First Semester Experience

Queen Esekhalu
Graduate Student from Nigeria
March 21, 2019

Although, I have only spent about 2 months in the CSC Apartment, it has indeed been a challenging and rewarding experience. Before coming to the house, I made some inquiries from both students and alumni and I can say my expectations were met. Their recommendations were due to spiritual growth, sense of family (especially for an international student), affordability (since monthly payment is allowed and discount on bulk payment) and proximity to the school (Western Illinois University). I resumed at Western Illinois University, on the 4th of January 2019, that same day I moved into the house. Avery was really very helpful as he showed us around the house and helped us with signing some documents and maps to move around the town. There are lots of activities for everyone at CSC, even people living outside were involved. These activities were very flexible with my school schedule which really made me happy and relieved.

Some activities I have been really privileged to attend include Sunday services, Bible study, FAME project in Indiana, pancakes and pajamas movie night, Superbowl Sunday Party, and Chinese New Year. Every week at CSC is full of activities, from Sunday service to Friday prayers at 4:30pm with Chima, there seems to be never a dull moment. I also love my room and roommate. Because the Christian atmosphere has a lot of impact on all residents, it makes everyone their brothers or sisters keepers. This was the kind of environment I was used to from home and was glad I am experiencing it in America, where I was told everyone was on their own. I look forward to many memorable experiences ahead!!!!!!