Getting Involved with CSC

Jessica Muniz
April 17, 2018

Freshman year for me was very difficult. I was struggling with a lot of things personally and academically. Once freshman year ended, I knew that I wanted my Sophomore year to be better.

To start, I began looking up churches on campus that I could go to and I came across Campus Students for Christ. I went to one of the Sunday worships and I quickly felt accepted. I’ve been coming to CSC ever since then. I’ve been involved with a lot of things like short term mission trips to Iowa & ICOM, student leadership, and much more.

At first I felt as though no one was going to accept me or that I was going to just be alone, but CSC proved me wrong. I’m still learning everyday about what CSC has to offer even though I go to almost every event. CSC is a place to let go and let God… and you get to meet really awesome people too!