Abuse- it comes in different forms

Sentual Strong
August 29, 2017

Verbal Abuse

Most people think that abuse has to be something that is physical. Well, they’re wrong about that, verbal abuse is a way of hurting others too. The most common abuse in this world is verbal abuse because it’s the quickest and easiest form of bullying. Usually verbal abusers are older, bigger, meaner, and have more authority than the victim they’re hurting.

People who been verbally abused usually hide from the attacker, ask others for help, or do something constructive to pull themselves away from the negative attention. If you have been or are being verbally abused, do not turn to self-harm. You’ll need to tell the bully how you feel at the right time and right place.

Find a positive source in your life and use it. Talk to a support group for help. Verbal abuse is one of the world’s biggest problems. The effects can lead to suicide, stress, generational issues, hate, and much more negative changes.

Be aware of verbal abuse and fight the verbal abuse back. Don’t give up now because that’s what the abusers want you to do. They want you to give up or give in. Stay strong and keep on pushing through in this life. Most everyone has dealt with verbal abuse. The way we handle it will affect others and ourselves.