Servant Leader Team

Campus Students for Christ is a student-led ministry with staff guidance. We have 10 different student-led ministry teams. Each team uniquely fulfills our mission at CSC. The ministry teams are co-led with up to two students and one overseeing staff. The team leaders meet with staff members regularly for discipleship and guidance. The whole servant leadership team meets together every Monday night at 8pm.

We have several openings on the teams, so if you are interested in getting involved, please talk with one of the staff or the team leaders!


IMG_1531Luke Hobbs (Grad): “I’m looking forward to serving on the worship team because I love Jesus and CSC! Worship is when I feel most connected to God and most called to serve in. As a college student I love music and with guitar being a hobby of mine, I love playing it, but even more so for God. I am looking forward to playing worship music and leading others in worship so we can praise God and feel at home during service. I am also looking forward to working with other members of CSC to grow in our walk with God and glorify him in doing that.”


received_687801813038935~2Jenna Bloodworth (Undergrad): “Worship is something that is incredibly important and precious to me. It is one way I can glorify God, but more importantly it helps me to feel closer to him and to feel his presence.  This being said, I look forward to serving on a team that can create music that will glorify the Lord and that will help others to feel closer to him. Additionally, I look forward to working with other people that walk in faith with God so that we can work to develop a community that will help everyone to feel that they have a home at CSC.”

AttachmentReilly Dersien (Undergrad): “Hi! I instantly felt welcomed and included into the Christ-centered community here at CSC. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve on the student leadership team for worship. I have enjoyed helping on Sunday services as a vocalist and helping with the sound board, and I am excited to continue to do more as a servant leader. I am also excited to grow in my faith and closer to those who serve on the worship team each week.”


EmersonEmerson Hicks (Undergrad): “I’m looking forward to taking a more active role in the church and being able to serve others. I look forward to growing in my faith through this experience, and seeing others grow closer to God and each other.”

Devin Suggit (Undergrad):

Women’s Ministry: 

oliviaOlivia Luzadder (Undergrad): I’ve been regularly attending CSC since my freshman year of college. It’s one of the main reasons that I chose Western Illinois University, and it continues to be a big part of my time here on campus. I’ve been interested in joining the leadership team for a year or so, now, and just felt drawn to women’s ministry. I love being around and growing with the women of CSC, and I’m looking forward to leading them in the best way I can!”


image0Emma Bird (Undergrad):Hi everyone, my name is Emma Bird and I am one of the women’s ministry student leaders. I am so excited to help new and current women members of CSC with their journey with Christ. As someone who is also still starting off on her journey, I want to give encouragement and love to those who may be starting off on their journey with God. “

Men’s Ministry: 

student-bio-pic-eliEli Embley (Undergrad): “Hey guys! CSC was very welcoming when I first moved to western and I’ve made a lot of friends here. Now that I’m on men’s leadership, I can welcome and serve others just as others did for me. I look forward to bonding with the men of CSC and helping each other grow in faith.” 


unnamed-2Al Evans (Undergrad): My name is Al Evans, and I am excited to be on the Service Team! As both an Eagle Scout and as a Christian, I feel that it’s important to help out wherever you can, especially on things that need to be done. My hope is that as a leader in Service, I can advance the kingdom of God, inspire others to help out and serve, and help those who need it. I look forward to the opportunities to show Christlike love to all!”


IMG_20220804_214103_364Cody Clair (Undergrad): Hey there! My name is Cody and I am thrilled to be on the service leadership team at CSC! I have been a Christian from a young age and I have always been fond of serving others whenever I have the opportunity. I am excited to work with a great group individuals for the glory of God and to serve others in his name!”


38085195_2192924160994855_4879983949574569984_nFiifi Godwyll (Undergrad): “I describe the Promotions team as “a place for creatives that don’t know how to draw.” Helping reconstruct the website, establish and publicize CSC’s brand, all while seeing Christian’s faith grow in person and online. I couldn’t ask for a better team.”


288882458_451296233495274_8827981834601435035_nKaylen Weaver (Undergrad): “I have been attending CSC since my freshman year. Since then, CSC has helped me find Jesus and grow in my faith while meeting some great people. I’m excited to go out and be able to promote CSC and tell people about this ministry as well as helping with social media and the website.”

Front Door: 

image000000 2Cora Gregersen (Undergrad): “I have been coming to CSC since the beginning of my freshman year. The community of fellow believers and the encouragement I have received to grow in my faith has made me want to help others in the same way. I joined the welcome team to hopefully give others that same community and encouragement. “


image000000Sarah Eden (Undergrad): “Hello, I am Sarah Eden, and I have been attending CSC since my freshman year. As a pastor’s kid, I grew up serving in a church and knew that once I went to college I wanted to continue to serve. When I saw a need for someone to serve on the prayer team, I jumped at the opportunity. I am now excited to see how God uses me on this team.”



image000000Raphael Popoola (Grad)

Intercultural Ministry: (Position Open)

Missions: (Position Open)