What CSC Has Meant to Me

Sarah Von Qualen


May 15, 2021

The first time I visited Western, my mom and I went to check out CSC and we met Alicia. She was so filled with God’s love that when I started going to Western, I absolutely had to go to CSC. The first time I went to church, everyone was so sweet. Within the first week of meeting everyone, if I saw them walking to class they would smile and say “Hey, how are you doing?” I love the things CSC does like the beginning of the semester events to draw people in and how welcoming they are. 

 I have found a family within CSC, and no matter how bad my day is I can see one of the members of CSC and they will put a smile on my face. Getting to go to CSC is usually the happiest part of my week, especially this semester. Even in the toughest of days I know I can go to CSC or I can message someone from CSC and ask them to pray for me and I know they will. I am very excited to be able to live in the apartments at CSC this next semester.