First Impressions

Nathan Yacks
April 28, 2017

I found out about CSC from a club fair that took place within just a few weeks of me beginning my time here at Western. My first thought when I walked in the doors was that I immediately found a group of people I could call friends and place to really connect with others. My first night there, people were coming up to me, introducing themselves, smiling, and were genuinely glad I was there even though they had just met me. From Wednesday night services and small groups to just hanging out and talking with everyone, my entire experience has been wonderful.

I am young in my walk with Christ. It is nice to be able to step through those doors and know that anyone in there is willing to listen to whatever I have to say, let me ask questions, be a sounding board with ideas, and tell me bits of their own story and journey in faith with Jesus. Being there with other like-minded people is a tremendous blessing.

To be able to hear more of God’s word each week on more than just a Sunday morning is a great privilege. Then to be able to talk to others in the small groups is amazing. My first time ever being part of a small group is here at CSC and I’m glad I began to make that a routine in my life. To be honest, I was a little nervous going away to school for the first time, making friends, and just getting into a place where I could feel at home. Coming to CSC changed that and I’m so very thankful that I found them at that club fair.