Harvest Banquet

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Harvest Banquet Agenda

Welcome & Prayer
Songs of Praise
Alumni Presentations
Student Presentation
Staff Presentation
State of Ministry Address
Closing Prayer

Good Things to Know

Board Members
President: Mike Griswold, Berwick, IL
Vice President: Mark DeSelms, Roseville, IL
Secretary: Dave Elschlager, Hamilton, IL
Treasurer: Jake Thomas, Macomb, IL
Financial Secretary: Bruce Eidson, Macomb, IL
Herman Bontjes, Havana, IL
Joe Hutchins, Springfield, IL
Melissa Shaw, Astoria, IL
Ryan Wood, Sutter, IL

Ministry Staff & Volunteers
Director: Avery Le’Jeune
Women’s Minister: Alicia Dickerson
Resident Director: Paul Kusuma
Faculty Advisor: Dave Zanolla

Student Leadership
John Miller (Champaign, IL)
Joshua Stinson (Cambridge, IL)
Brynn Bergen (Aledo, IL)
Ashleigh Ellis (Peoria, IL)
Kaitlyn Little (Hamilton, IL)

Hannah Akers (Cambridge, IL)

Lynnelle Johnson (Rockford, IL)

General Ministry
FY2020 Financial Report
(July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020)
General Fund
Churches: Budget: $57,000 Received: $59,259.24 %: 103.96%
Individuals: Budget: $72,000 Received: $40,947.17 %: 56.87%
Rent Income: Budget: $74,000 Received: $38,015.55 %: 51.37%
Building Fund: Budget: $2,000 Received:$530.00 %: 26.50%

Mission trips 2020-2021

World Missions Builders – Fall break
FAME – Indianapolis, IN – February 2021
Red Bird Mission – Beverly, KY – May 2021

Student Supported Missions
Oscar (CSC Alum ‘99) & Lori Aguirre with Pan de Vida in Quito, Ecuador
John (CSC Alum ’07) & Mandy Johnson with Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Iowa.
Pioneer Bible Translators

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