Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with CSC through volunteering, construction, events, mission trips, financially, and more! Please contact a staff member if you are interested in getting yourself, your church, your local youth group involved with CSC! We would love to partner with you!

  1. CSC visits – Considering a kingdom partnership with us? Thinking about referring a prospective student? Its all about experience! Get a taste of the ministry by bringing yourself, a friend, your family, your small group or your youth group to tour the CSC building, meet the staff, meet students, tour an apartment (please give a minimum of 24 hours notice), or visit for Sunday service or Wednesday night Bible Study. CSC is a place of transformation as students encounter the living God, present and active in all realms of life. Our desire is that all students would taste and see that the Lord is good! Contact staff ahead of time to ensure availability.
  2. Spring retreat – Spring retreat is a multi-ministry event held at the Lake of the Ozarks each spring around April. Both High school upper classmen and college students are welcomed and encouraged to attend. This retreat is a low-structure, high rest event with solid exegetical preaching throughout the weekend. The cost is low (less than $50) and the fruit has eternal implications.
  3. Southeast Regional Conference (Summer student conferences) – Intended for upper class high school and college aged students, the Southeast Regional Conference takes place in the Smoky Mountains at Milligan University in Tennessee. This conference affords students the chance to grow in their faith through keynote speakers, workshop sessions, and glorifying God through the beauty of His creation. CSC uses this time to prepare our students and leaders for a school year of powerful spiritual growth and evangelism. It usually takes place at the end of July or beginning of August and is around $200.
  4. Mission trips
    1. Past Trips
      1. FAME
      2. Shiloh
      3. Love Packages
      4. Casas Por Cristo
      5. Red Bird
      6. Restoration House Ministries
    2. Upcoming Trips
      1. Red Bird
      2. Casas Por Cristo Alumni Trip
    3. How can you be involved?
      1. Prayer is everything
      2. Donate
      3. Drive
  5. Adopt-an-apartment (volunteer for construction/renovation, pay for renovations, prayer)
    1. There are two ways to adopt-an-apartment at CSC.
      • The first is to adopt the students living there through prayer.
      • The second is to adopt the apartment itself by providing for its update needs.
    2. Contact Jesse to adopt by prayer and Avery to adopt by updating.
  6. Financially
  7. Lead a multi-generational small group