FAME: a great contribution to human health

Dr. Stephen Ayosanmi
May 15, 2017

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2017 Spring Break experience at FAME was a remarkable event for me. I developed the interest to participate in the volunteering program with FAME at the ICOM 2016 (International Conference on Missions). Then, I got to know about FAME as partners in evangelical medical mission. I have a strong passion for medical mission based on my experience in a health care delivery in Nigeria, West Africa. I have participated in some volunteering medical missions and I knew what it entails. This was the reason behind my sign up for volunteering service at FAME for the 2017 spring break.

We arrived in Indianapolis on Wednesday and we resumed work at the FAME office on Thursday. I was amazed by the quantities of medical equipment being provided for missions in Africa and other developing nations. These medical equipments comprise the basic instruments needed for medical and dental care as well as some facilities needed for surgical and dental care.

Most of the equipment was not readily available in many of the developing nations which is one major reasons for lack of quality health care delivery. Another interesting thing is the fact that FAME would be donating these materials free to these facilities.  I really commend the ministry of FAME for their services to help in improving the quality of health care delivery in developing countries through this free donation of such expensive equipment.

It was a privilege to be part of this great evangelical movement. As a physician, I know the worth of each piece of equipment and the impact the medical mission will play in the lives of the recipients. My involvement in sorting out the instruments, labeling, and packaging the outreach materials was a motivation for me to see medical mission from the perspective of giving back to the people. There is nothing contributed to people’s health that is not beneficial to humanity. It is just like the words of Jesus that says ‘when I was in the hospital, you visited me’. I believe this statement forms the background for medical evangelism. Participating in the initial face of this mission was a very good experience for me and I would be looking forward to another opportunity to be involved in not only the preparatory phase of the medical mission but also the medical field services. I know that God is always happy when we give back to others.