✨Holy Week✨

As we prepare for Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday, we are providing devotions, articles, hourly & weekly reflections, and traditional practices for the Seder dinner and Tenebrae (Good Friday) service. The Seder dinner is the traditional Hebrew Passover meal and reflections like what Jesus and His disciples would have went through together the night before He was crucified (remember the dinner we read about for communion?). The Tenebrae also comes from an old tradition on Good Friday for you to reflect on Jesus’ crucifixion. The links below in blue will take you to different resources.  

✨Praise Jesus for He is KING! ✨

Holy Week

Watch this video as Avery introduces what the Holy Week, Seder meal, and Tenebrae service is as we prepare for Easter Sunday! 

Holy Week Devotions

Holy Week Scriptures Read to You(click on the day to get the audio)

Holy Week in Real Time(in more detail)

You can also watch The Chosen (tv show) as a portrayal of the Gospels and the Passion of the Christ (movie trailer) (currently free on Amazon Prime) as a portrayal of Holy Week. 

Thursday (The Last Supper)

Seder Introduction & Seder – Meal

Click here (Haggadah-copy) if you would like a copy of the Haggadah that is read through during the dinner.

Good Friday

Maple Avenue Christian Church is hosting a Tenebrae service this Friday, April 2nd, at 7pm!

Hourly Reflections of what Jesus endured


Resurrection Sunday (Easter)

Please join us Sunday, April 4th, as we celebrate Jesus, our Savior, being risen and alive! Our service will start at 11am in the CSC auditorium or you can join online.