Adopt an Apartment!

Our ministry has the wonderful privilege of housing students in 12 apartments! These apartments are a great place for students to feel at home and for many of them it is the first opportunity they have to live in a place where almost everyone they encounter is genuinely seeking to follow Christ with all that they are. Many of you reading this page have either lived in these apartments or have spent some time in them with friends or during small groups. Many of you know then, that they need some help. Over the years, all of the apartments have fallen behind in repairs and updates and either have needed to be renovated or still need to be renovated. To date, 6 of the apartments have been fully renovated once: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 11. Many of the rest have received minimal updates as needed and we seek to repair and maintain all of the apartments to the best of our ability each summer. However, we would like to fully renovate the remaining 6 apartments over the next 6 years to ensure that the apartments can continue to be places of safety, comfort, and fellowship. A big thanks to Burnside Christian Church for their adoption of apartment 4 for this summer’s (2021) renovation! Praise be to God for His provision for His body by His body for His glory!

If you would like to provide financially for a supply or an entire apartment renovation, please contact Avery Le’Jeune at

Laminate Countertop$63.99
Draw Base Cabinet$203.40
Sink Base Cabinet$137.70
Stainless Steel Bowl Kitchen Sink$89.99
Kitchen Faucet$41.91
Wall Cabinet$134.10
Small wall cabinet$69.98
Bathroom Vanity$269.00
Vanity top $109.99
Bathroom Faucet$32.33
Bunk beds$959.00
Bunk beds$959.00
Carpet and glue$709.25
Miscellaneous repairs$200.00
Total (Apartment Renovation)$3,999.62